Rainbow Six Siege (PS4): Unbiased Evaluation (Mostly) and Strategies of the 10 Attacking Operators

After dealing with the team killers, the teenagers and the children on Rainbow Six Siege and clocking many game hours, this is Fringe Fiction’s evaluation of the 1o Attacking Operators so far.  Fringe Fiction will provide an evaluation of the 10 Defending Operators in a separate segment.

Fringe Fiction won’t be so highly judgmental as some game critics out there playing with favorites.  Instead, Fringe Fiction will give you insight on how to use them for multiplayer and terrorist hunt.  Fringe Fiction won’t reiterate this.  Like most of the multiplayer games, communication is often the key to success.

Fuze (Attacker)
Gadget: Cluster Charge
He has one of the better loadouts and weapons period.  He can work effectively in multiplayer and terrorist hunt.  His AK-12 has minimal recoil once fully customized. His ballistic shield works better if one of the other Operators are also shield-carriers.  His LMG is a bit unwieldy in Fringe Fiction’s opinion but does carry less recoil than the L85A2. His grenade cluster charge is amazing for clearing rooms, most done effectively with coordinated breaches with either Sledge, Thermite or simply someone who has a breach charge available.  His versatility and firepower serves him well in both multiplayer and terrorist hunts.

Sledge (Attacker)
Gadget: Breach Hammer
Not one of Fringe Fiction’s go-to operators, but he does have sex appeal with his big breach hammer and armor level.  However, his L85A2 assault rifle has a lot of recoil.  It is better for laying down suppression fire.  His 591A1 shotgun isn’t any better.  Ironically, his secondary weapon, his Mac-11, may be more versatile overall once fully customized than his primary weapons. Sledge, in Fringe Fiction’s opinion, is better served in terrorist hunt, disarming bomb missions.

Thermite (Attacker)
Gadget: Exothermic Charges

This operator, Fringe Fiction believes, is one of the newbie favorites.  He looks cool and makes a lot of noise with his exothermic charges.  However, his 556xi assault rifle is fairly weak and has a lot of recoil, despite being fully customized.  His shotgun is the better option in Fringe Fiction’s opinion as it does have range, just doesn’t have ammunition.  Done right, Thermite can have multiple kills in a matter of few seconds with the shotgun. He is one of the better complements in multiplayer and works decently in terrorist hunt.

Thatcher (Attacker)
Gadget: EMP Grenade
His EMP grenades are arguably one of the best counter-weapons, and he has one of the better loadouts in the game.  His K33 assault rifle has little recoil once fully customized and is perfect for multiplayer and terrrorist hunt.  His L85A2 rifle is a bit unwieldy but perfect for laying down suppression fire in terrorist hunt, disarming bomb missions.  Overall, he is one of the better and preferred operators in the game.

Twitch (Attacker)
Gadget: Shock Drone
Her gadget is not particularly useful as it doesn’t have a detection feature like IQ does in her Red MKIII Specter.  However, her loadouts is one of the best in Fringe Fiction’s opinion.  Her practical weapon use is in long-range engagements and actually quite versatile.  If you get tired of using Glaz, you can use her 417 Marksman rifle which can be fully customized including a laser mount.  This weapon is useful in extracting hostages more than anything else.  Her F2 assault rifle has three modes — single, burst and automatic, and these three modes can be used in a variety of situations from multiplayer to disarming bombs to extracting hostages.  The weapon has high recoil in automatic, but with burst and single fire mode, it minimizes the recoil. Overall, her gadget is not particularly useful overall, but her weapons loadout can provide long-range versatility in your squad.  Don’t discount her out of the picture.

IQ (Attacker)
Gadget: Red MKIII Specter
IQ has a more useful gadget in Fringe Fiction’s opinion than Twitch.  Her Specter can detect all sorts of electronics and can adapt in multiplayer and terrorist hunts.  She requires patience like Glaz.  She is not Sledge or Thermite so don’t use her as the front-end attacker in your squad.  However, her loadout is simply amazing.  Her G8A1 LMG once fully customized has minimal recoil and great for laying down suppression fire, particularly in terrorist hunt, disarming bomb missions.  However, it chews through ammo like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Her 552 Commando has minimal recoil once fully customized whereas the AUG A2 is devastating but has higher recoil. Given a choice, Fringe Fiction prefers the Commando assault rifle. She is useful in multiplayer and good for terrorist hunt, disarming bomb modes in particular.

Glaz (Attacker)
Gadget: Flip Sight
Not quite as customizable as Twitch’s F1 but he definitely has one of the premium high-powered scopes in the game.  The key word with him is patience.  Do not be the first one to rush in.  Fringe Fiction’s favorite tactic to use with him is to use a breach charge at a window or door and pick off people as they come to look.  His OTs-03 red scope is useful in smoky situations.  He is particularly useful in terrorist hunt, extract hostage situations and in multiplayer situations against someone like Tachanka with his MG.

Ash (Attacker)
Gadget: Breaching Round

Great for countering Castle in multiplayer and adaptable enough to use in terrorist hunt.  Her plus is her mobility.  Fringe Fiction prefers the G36C once fully customized as it has minimal recoil and only slightly less damage R4-C.  With her, remember to use her speed to your advantage.  She is a great complement to Thermite and Fuze in multiplayer.

Blitz (Attacker)
Gadget: G52 Tactical Shield
Best used in multiplayer and terrorist hunt, extract hostage missions, his blitz shield is best used as the point-man for the squad.  His shield can stun multiple enemies in a room when done right, and he can clear out a room in a matter of several seconds.  You must be patient when using him and take advantage of cover to peek and shoot.  He is useful in multiplayer more than anything else.

Montagne (Attacker)
Gadget: Extendable Shield

Again, another shield operator, and you must be patient when using him.  The primary advantage when using him he can extend his shield and continue moving forward like a phalanx.  In multiplayer, the squad can use him as mobile cover.  His best use is in terrorist hunt, extract hostage missions in Fringe Fiction’s opinion.

Hope this helps you conquer Rainbow Six Siege.  It is a great game to play with friends in particular.  However, you have to be well-aware of the multitudes of team-killers out there, and even team-killing squads out there.  New operators are due soon by the end of January 2016 and beginning of February 2016 so be sure to save your renown.