Rainbow Six Black Frost DLC Review: Buck (Attack) Operator Evaluation

With the first testing and teasing of the new attacking operator Buck, this is Fringe Fiction’s unbiased evaluation of the operator.  His special weapon, the Skeleton Key, is a decidedly novel weapon.  In some ways, the special weapon serves as a mix between Sledge’s breach hammer and Ash’s breach round.  Buck’s weapon loadout leaves something to be desired.  He does carry C8 FSW machine gun that isn’t quite as stable as IQ’s or Fuze’s machine gun.  It is effective though in taking down enemies generally.  His CAMRS rifle is akin to Twitch’s 417, and Fringe Fiction has actually found this to be a much more effective weapon to use.  Overall, Buck is great working as a team, but in Lone Wolf situations, he leaves much to be desired.