The Bus Ride to the Zombie Apocalypse: or Cowboy’s Story

Cowboy took off the cover. “Ta-dah! Get a look at this beauty!”

Underneath the black cloth, his VW Bug was repainted a matte black.  On the side had “Bad Wolf Automotors, Inc.” in white letters. Martin was astonished.  “What the–?”  he shouted.

“I knew you like it, dude,” Cowboy replied. “Check this out.” He pushed one of the buttons on a key remote, and a yellow signal flipped on top of the car.  It read “@ Work” and was blinking. “And check out the hub caps.”

Martin looked at them.  They had bolts sticking out.

“They’re for sumthin’ special, dude,” Cowboy replied.

Martin couldn’t believe it. How the heck is he supposed to bring this thing to work?

Cowboy loved modding cars, making them faster, sweeter, you name it.  How did Cowboy get his name?  Wouldn’t you like to know?

Micheal “Cowboy” Johnson was originally raised in Queens, New York.  He was an ordinary kid who loved cars.  He built model cars until he had shop class in high school.  There, he aced shop, and finally pursued school seriously.  Michael, at age 18, changed his name to “Cowboy Johnson” legally.  At the same time, he also got membership as a Hell’s Angel and rode the transport with them, when necessary. After the few months of life on the road, he got into Massachusettes Institute of Engineering, whereby he pursued engineering.  He designed and built the first prototype hybrid auto motor while at college.  Upon completion of college, he sought a engineering job at  Tong Motors, a division of Hyundai,  in Detroit.  He started as a Engineer Assistant and within a year, he soon became Lead Engineer of the Motor Engineering department.  At that time, he met Kai Tong, the CEO’s daughter, and they soon dated.  However, the day Cowboy decided to show Kai’s father the prototype design of the hybrid motor, everything fell apart.  His father denied the design, and fired Cowboy upon finding out he was dating his daughter.  Cowboy packed his bags, disgusted at Kai and his father, and arrived in Bad Wolf.  In Bad Wolf, he had enough money to purchase the former bomb shelter.  He used that as a home, until he registered for the Army.  He got deployed in a couple of short tours in Desert Storm, and when he returned, he coverted the bomb shelter into a double-decker garage.  Now, you know Cowboy’s story…

Cowboy tossed him the keys.  “We’ve got to head over to Doc Smith’s pawn shop.”

“Okay,” Martin said, still stunned. Confused, he entered the car while Cowboy pushed a button and opened the double metal doors of the garage.  Martin drove his VW Bug up the slope and outside.

Cowboy closed and locked the doors.  He then  jumped in the passenger side. His black leather chaps matched his black spiked bracelet and dog collar necklace.  He had tattoos of cobras down his arm, and some other hidden tattoos on his back. “C’mon, dude.  Don’t keep the man waitin'”

(to be continued…)