Exam (2009) Movie Review

Exam has to be one of the most unique movies that I’ve seen in quite a while.  The  act of asking one question with one answer by the Invigilator (Colin Salmon) of a biotech company  is simple enough, but with the character interactions, the answer is answered in extreme and different ways.  This is a thriller — and more importantly, a character study  for the Invigilator, the biotech company and the viewer.

The diverse group of eight hirees is locked in the room. To answer the question correctly, however, they must follow restrictive guidelines set by the Invigilator or otherwise be disqualified.  The group dynamics changed as each of the hirees were disqualified for violation of  the rules.  Ultimately, it came down to the one who paid attention throughout the entire event, observing the little details that were missed.  While most of the people were looking at the bigger picture or developed the question into something more than it is, the person who answered it correctly was awarded the position.  And that position entailed a lot of responsibility and care — which was the reason for the test initially.

This independent film may not have been watched in too many theaters in the United States, but it should have been.  The simple question culminated in a complex drama. Overall, a fairly brilliant film – 4/5 stars.