Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 2 Foreshadowing

Admittedly, I could have added the foreshadowings to the previous blog, but this subject demands a blog of its own.  With the new Spartucus, Liam McIntyre, as the replacement for Andy Whitfield, it will be interesting to see how the conniving and the fighting will play out in season 2 since the conclusion of “The Bitter End” for the prequel series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Here are some the quite possible foreshadowings that might occur in season 2, if not later:

  • Starting with the obvious, there might seem some possibility that Spartacus might meet Gannicus on their way to Rome since both are now free.  Gannicus was granted freedom by the Roman magistrate honorably, and Spartacus and his fellow gladiators of the first season battled their way out.
  • Crixus and Gannicus might finally have their honorable battle one-on-one.  Although Crixus earned his status of Champion of the House of Batiatus, he lost his status to Spartacus in the first season.  Spartacus may stand in his way of having a good fight with Gannicus, should they meet.
  • Ashur now has two axes to grind since his escape from the first season.  He might with some degree of certainty confront Oenomaus, now Doctore.  And since he was crippled by Crixus and embarrassed by the Brotherhood, he might confront Crixus as well. However, he is no match for either of them skillwise.  Perhaps a call from his Syrian brothers, perhaps appealing to someone earlier in the line to Xerxes, like Antiochus…not out of the reach of this series, if it lasts long enough.
  • Since the death of Tullius of the Roman magistrate in the prequel supposedly, Spartacus may have to confront Cicero, or more specifically Marcus Tullius Cicero.  Or was this man Cicero, a man with sufficient leverage to confront Julius Caesar politically, buried beneath the walls of the arena of Capua who might find means of escape?
  • Should he find a way to live in season 2, Batiatus may have to confront Lucretia for the untimely death of his father Titus. Whether he lives or not for this second season remains to be seen.
  • Vettius is not without his resources although he was banished by Solonius.  He could ultimately return in Rome or elsewhere.
  • The rivalries between Oenomaus, Spartacus and Crixus will live on.  All three men have different opinions on the term of freedom. All three have honorable intentions, but they may have to deal with the subject on their own terms with each other.  Discussion will resolve the issue partly but not entirely.

These are some of the foreshadowings of season 2 of Spartacus: Blood and Sand in my opinion.  Whether they will occur, that remains to be seen.

2 thoughts on “Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 2 Foreshadowing

  1. You’re kidding with some of those right? Batiatus is clearly dead at the end of season 1 and will not be in season 2. And we already know Batiatus got Solonius killed in the arena during season 1…so why are you talking about him keeping his ludus and confronting people in season 2?


    • You are right. I forgot that Solonius was killed in the arena in the first season. I am correcting my post now. Thanks for the reminder. But Batiatus might be given a second chance, if you hear the suggestive producers commentary.


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