Boogeyman 3 Movie Review

With the dearth of horror movies nowadays, it’s time to return to one of the past released in 2009.  Boogeyman 3 is more of a teen scream flick more than anything else, but it does have some scary moments. Along with the movie having very watchable teens of the female persuasion, this B-movie strives to be more than it is.  It at least deserves some credit for that.


Erin Cahill stars as the lead female protagonist in this film.  She plays Sarah, Audrey’s best friend.  Audrey is played by Nikki Sanderson.  David, Sarah’s boyfriend, is played by Chuck Hittinger.  There are lots of secondary roles, but none are particularly significant within the movie.


Having only watched the previous Boogeyman, this movie starts off where the last one ended.  After the murder of Dr. Mitchell Allen (played by Tobin Bell of Saw fame) in the previous movie by the Boogeyman, her daughter, Audrey, attempts to recuperate with the help of her friends at the college.  However, the Boogeyman makes his return and ultimately, Audrey is hanged by the Boogeyman as Sarah, her best friend, witnesses the incident.  It appears to be a suicide to others in the college dorm.  However, Sarah warns the dorm of the Boogeyman to no avail.  As deaths and disappearances within the dorm increase, Sarah comes face-to-face with the Boogeyman in the end.


This movie had its moments considering the meager budget of $3 million and limited press and advertisements.  Some of the gruesome  and scary moments often intertwined as the college students were broken in half and otherwise shredded in the ventilation system.  When Sarah was dreaming, she had recollections similar to scenes in The Shining, an homage to the classic.

Despite these pluses, there were significant flaws in the movie.  The acting was above-average at best, and most of the college students were formulaic.  Most were either smoking pot, playing guitar or otherwise acting particularly idiotic in light of the situation that happened before them.  Generally, the students were not frazzled as their college mates had either vanished or have been killed. The makeup for the Boogeyman was a little primitive, but due to budget constraints, it wasn’t half-bad.

Verdict (Out of 10)

Overall, this movie rightfully deserves a 7.5.  At least this movie made attempts to be scary unlike other American mainstream horror movies released today.  It is watchable for a Halloween scare or two or inclusion in late night horror movie marathon.  This movie is now available on Crackle and worth adding to your queue.