Doghouse Movie Review

A guys weekend in the woods.

With beer, stogies and bull.

With zombies.

This British zombie horror comedy was a bit of a pleasant surprise.  Although the comedy in of itself is not the caliber of Shaun of the Dead, it does have some comedic moments.  This movie was too harshly criticized by the media and deserved a better reception.


Danny Dyer stars as Neil, the “ladies man” of the group. Vince, the divorcee, is played by Stephen Graham. Noel Clarke stars as Mikey.  For those familiar with the revamped Doctor Who, he played Mickey Smith, the boyfriend of Rose Tyler.  Graham is played by Emil Marwa.  Lee Ingleby plays Matt.  Keith-Lee Castle stars as Patrick. Banksy is played by Neil Maskell.  The last man of the group is Sergeant Gavin Wright who is played by Terry Stone.  Candy, the woman driver, is played by Christina Cole.


Since Vince is depressed after his divorce, his boys decide to take him to the quiet town of Moodley where the women outnumber the men 4 to 1.  This trip was designed to make him forget about women — more importantly, his recent divorce.  However, a classified biological virus in the detergent affects only the female population turning them into cannibalistic zombies.  These female zombies have a thirst for flesh and only made Vince’s and the boys weekend a bit hairier than expected.


This zombie horror comedy did have comedic moments throughout the film, but this movie is not quite the caliber of Shaun of the Dead.  Most of the comedy is a bit misogynistic which may turn a lot of people off, but it was part of the “charm,” if you want to call it that, of the film.  It is not a great film but an enjoyable one. Given the British star power, this zombie horror comedy was pulled off successfully.  The problem lied in the ending which fell a bit short.

Verdict (Out of 10)

This movie is a diamond in the rough.  Although most women won’t like the message, this zombie horror comedy is enjoyable when taken at face value.  I give this movie a solid 8 out of 10.  Like the guys in the film, it does have its flaws, but don’t judge it too harshly based on a few blemishes.  Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.