Wind Chill Movie Review

Two college students return home for college during winter break.  However, the driver is not as expected.  An unfortunate crash does not help things either as they fight for survival and against wandering ghosts.  Wind Chill was a good attempt at a horror movie, but this is more a retelling of the Woman in White story (see Supernatural: Season 1 for reference).  (On a side note, for a better Woman in White experience, please watch What Lies Beneath instead.)


Emily Blunt stars as the Girl.  Ashton Holmes stars as the Guy, or her classmate.  The Highway Patrolman is played by Martin Donovan. Chelan Simmons stars as the Blonde Girl.  Lastly, the Snowplow Driver is played by Ned Bellamy.


A young woman from a northeastern college seeks to return home from college to Delaware and takes a ride from a classmate of hers.  They take Route 606 as a shortcut, but when their car gets run off the road by another, things only go downhill from there as they fight the bitter cold and ghosts of the past.


This movie mirrors what movies in the past  have done concerning the Woman in White ghost story.  What Lies Beneath is one such movie (and much better done).  However, instead of a professor like Harrison Ford, this one involved two college students.  However, neither Emily Blunt or Ashton Holmes had enough charisma or acting chops to salvage this disaster of a film.  The costumes for the ghosts were mediocre, if not laughable.  The story failed to be engrossing at all.

Verdict (Out of 10)

This independent movie was quite a disaster.  Neither Emily Blunt or Ashton Holmes could pull this movie out of the cold and into the fire…or is it vice versa?  In any case, the verdict is a sad 2 out 10.