The Veteran Movie Review

Returning from Afghanistan, a British soldier returns to London only to find himself in yet another war. This time, the war lies on the streets of London, his streets.  The Veteran is reminiscent of Harry Brown, another dark movie about war.  Sometimes when one stares into the abyss long enough, the abyss stares back…


Toby Kebell stars as Robert Miller, the soldier returning from Afghanistan.  Tony Curran stars as Chris Turner, his friend and ex-soldier as well.  Danny Turner, Chris‘ brother, is played by Tom Brooke. Gerry, the head of the intelligence organization outside of the CIA and FBI, is played by Brian Cox.  Ivanno Jeremiah stars as Fahad Sahal, Robert’s close friend.  Alayna Wallace, the female informant, is played by Adi Bielski.  Ashley Bashy Thomas stars as Tyrone Jones, the drug kingpin of the Estate, an apartment complex in London. Ryan Sahal, Fahad’s son and Tyrone’s confidant, is played by Eboseta Ayemere.


Upon returning home from Afghanistan, Robert Miller finds his way home to the Estate.  At the Estate, however, drugs and guns run rampant in the apartment complex as Tyrone Jones leads the gang of thugs.  Miller is recruited by an intelligence agency to rescue an informant, but he uncovers something much deeper.  Through his military experience, he battles the onslaught on all sides on the streets of London.


The Veteran is a very stark and violent film.  It can be compared to Harry Brown in that they both deal with military veterans adjusting to civilian life in the only way they know how, the use of guns.  This film has a lot more drama than blood and violence than depicted in the trailer, and all the actors were well-selected for their roles.  The buildup of drama only leads to a violent and tragic ending (not with much blood however).

Verdict (Out of 10)

This film deserves a 7.5 out of 10 in my honest opinion.  It is a solid movie and worth a watch.