Doctor Who Season 7, Episode 2: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship Review (SPOILERS)

It’s been ten months since Amy Pond and Rory Williams have traveled with the good Doctor.  Amy and Rory are living together (again), and this time, Brian Williams, Rory’s father, has stopped by.  Meanwhile, Egyptian Queen Nephertiti is enthralled with the Doctor and joins him on the TARDIS.  Lastly, English big-game hunter John Riddell, otherwise known as Inspector Lestrade‘s better half (from BBC’s Sherlock, if you’re curious), accompanies the Doctor as well.  Lastly, the Indian Space Agency is targeting the spaceship that the Doctor’s gang is on due its projectory directly toward the Earth.  I did mention there were dinosaurs on said spaceship, didn’t I?

Solomon, an exotic black market interstellar trader, is crippled by a raptor attack after overtaking the Silurian ark, or “Homo Reptilia” as the Doctor aptly called them.  With the Doctor’s gang in tow, Solomon is eventually remedied by the Doctor after some coercion on his part against Rory’s father, and Solomon finds a bargaining chip with Queen Nephertiti.  She is not only incredibly valuable as an individual but valuable as a commodity for Solomon to exploit.  The Doctor is put into action, and Solomon is left with nothing in hand.

Brian Williams finds peace among the stars as he eats his boxed lunch above the Earth in the TARDIS, and with that, discovers the spark to explore the world. In a way, he’s the new Wilfred Mott.  Rory and Amy are together once again, and Queen Nephertiti finds love with her new man, John Riddell.  Lastly, the ark is transported to Siluria whereby all the dinosaurs are saved.  All in all, it’s a happy ending for everybody.

This wasn’t one of the better Doctor Who episodes, but it was definitely entertaining and family-friendly for the most part.  However, there were a couple of notable reveals.  First, again, classical music makes its return.  That has to be of some significance, but what exactly is anybody’s guess for now.  Lastly, Doctor Who could not be found on the interstellar database.  It seems that the good Doctor is being erased from everybody’s memory (again).

I think the nemesis in this season’s conclusion will be Omega, the controller and creator of Time.  With the Doctor aborting timelines left and right as he sees fit, Omega would be the one to ultimately put everything back where it belongs.