Borderlands 2 Solo Arena Strategies (Fringe Edition)

Borderlands 2 for both the XBox and PS3 has reached critical acclaim across the board.  The enemies and the enemies AI has much improved.  Additionally, the AI of the enemies now work as a squad, implementing teamwork.  This makes Borderlands 2 more difficult than the first. Like the first Borderlands, there are arenas, but these arenas contain different enemies.  In the Ore Chasm, for example, the Hyperion arena contains Hyperion robots and soldiers.  To survive these arenas ALONE is a different matter.  However, here are some general strategies:

  • ALWAYS be aware of your special ability and its cooldown rate.  For the Gunzerker, it takes longer than say the Assassin or the Siren.
  • Stock FULL of ammo beforehand.
  • Use Area of Effect shields, like Nova Shields, or Absorb Shields, depending on which class you are using. Either can be effective.
  • LEVEL your character at least four or five levels than the one listed.  Sometimes more. This will help a LOT.
  • Use Area of Effect grenades, preferably the Singularity grenades with some elemental effect (like fire or corrosion) or MIRV grenades.
  • KNOW your terrain. Don’t box yourself into a corner.  Know places where you can hide or minimally, bottleneck enemies.
  • KNOW the pattern of the enemies.  It will ALWAYS the same.
  • Use elemental weapons whenever possible.  Corrosion and fire works best.
  • RUN! RUN! RUN! A moving target is far harder to hit than a stationary target.

These are tips that I can think of. Enjoy!  (If you can think of others, please feel free to contact me.)