Borderlands 3: Vault Hunters 2.0, the Alliance and the Claptrap Robolution 2.0 [Spoilers]

Claptrap in The Claptastic Voyage

With the last of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2 completed in the Handsome Collection, it now comes to Borderlands 3.  Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel had some fun parts and some really difficult parts.  Eclipse and Eos Raw Code were no joke in the Claptastic Voyage (on Normal).  Meanwhile, the Holodome’s Badass Round and the Guardian end boss weren’t too difficult.  It was a matter of having enough transfusion grenades and special skill at the right moment.  It was all a matter of timing.

Now onto the fun stuff…Here’s what Fringe Fiction wants for Borderlands 3:

Vault Hunter 2.0

  • Keep on improving the character skill sets.  The Baroness and the Doppelganger were absolute best.  The Doppelganger improved upon Axton’s turrets, and the Baroness makes Hunter Mordecai and his pet Bloodwing look like absolute rookies The Lawbringer improved upon the Gunzerker somewhat by making it more automatic.  Well, the Enforcer looks good on paper but lacks the firepower of the Mechromancer and her Deathtrap.
  • Not to give the story away, but it looks like there will be an alliance between Handsome Jack and Hyperion and Lilith and her Bandits in Borderlands 3.  Since there are counterparts on each time, Fringe Fiction would imagine they would pair up in the upcoming war (against the Guardians?)  The Baroness and the Hunter, the Gunzerker and Lawbringer, the Mechromancer and a revived Wilhelm (maybe), Claptrap and Shadowtrap and so on and so forth…That would be badass indeed.

Claptrap and Shadowtrap Robolution

  • Shadowtrap still exists within Claptrap despite being destroyed initially.  Fringe Fiction thinks Shadowtrap will return in Borderlands 3 probably as his own entity and work alongside Claptrap in the upcoming war.  Claptrap and Shadowtrap will rule the other TP/TRP units like Data and Lore in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Raid Bosses

  • Fringe Fiction is gambling that Borderlands 3 will take the Raid quests from Destiny and make it their own.  It will be part of the story instead of a separate quest after the main story like Gearbox has been doing.  Shadowtrap, Eclipse and Eos are examples.

The Guardians and the Vaults

  • Does a conflict exist within the Guardians?  Is there more to these Vaults than meets the eye? With the Warrior, the Destroyer and the Empyrean Sentinel gone, how many more Guardians of the Vaults are there?  Fringe Fiction thinks the Vaults have more of a story to tell.  Like Janey Springs said in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, if you tell the story often enough, it becomes true.

Zer0 Origins

  • Fringe Fiction believes Zer0 may be a fallen Guardian, much like Castiel in Supernatural television series.  He brandishes a sword and can close in quickly like some of the Guardians.

Handsome Jack Death (Or was it Timonthy’s?)

  • Quite a conundrum we have here.  Did Lilith really kill Handsome Jack or did she kill Timonthy Lawrence the Doppelganger at the finale of Borderlands 2?  Handsome Jack already had a body double as a low-level programmer.  Who says he might have multiple Jack doppelgangers running around?

The Big Picture for Borderlands 3

  • Fringe Fiction believes it may be time for Borderworlds at some time in the future, ideally Borderlands 3.  Whether the Playstation 4 or XBox One can handle such a large program begs to be seen.  Just producing the land alone will take lots of programming code, much less the enemies and the co-op players all at the same time with each planet. If it is the case, it may run on multiple discs like the good old days with FInal Fantasy, Parasite Eve, etc.

Your Take

Where do you want Borderlands 3 to go?  To go further into outer space?  Fight more Guardians?  Whose side are you on?