Topps Bunt (iOS) 2015 Review

2014 was a great year for Fringe Fiction when it first arrived on the scene as originally, the game promoted some kind of team spirit becoming virtual friends who traded virtual baseball cards with each other.  Meanwhile, Fringe Fiction and the Phillies virtual fans competed with the other virtual ball clubs with the application.

Well, now, not so much.  As intriguing as it is to compete everyday with other baseball fans, there is much less team spirit.  Fringe Fiction’s staff barely communicates with anyone within the application any more even for trades.  And inflation has caught up with the game as well.  Now, the weekly total reward is upwards of the thousands, much like Japanese Yen or Hong Kong dollars.  Fringe Fiction has resorted to collecting cards rather than playing them.

Topps Bunt, it was great knowing you!  Thanks for the memories!