Philadelphia’s Serial Killer in Kensington: The Work of a Criminal Mind

A serial killer has officially blossomed in the Kensington area of Philadelphia.  This individual has been described as shown as wearing a hood and walking a particular gait. He targets young white women, and they are strangled and sexually assaulted.

He’s had three victims to date, based on DNA evidence. Casey Mahoney is the current victim, and she joins two others, Elaine Goldberg and Nicole Piacentini.  There has been three other women who fought and ran away from this particular individual.

This is a case for the officers in Criminal Minds. Given these characteristics, he would have come from an abusive home.  The strangulation is an indication that he came from a product of abuse, and quite possibly, he may have begun on animals, like other serial killers before him.  From the hood, he has shown he is withdrawn.  However, given the public attention, he may have changed his look.  Attacks on women is common for male serial killers, and it may come from the abuse or neglect of his father or mother or combination of both.  However, it is not out of the question that he may have been taught by his father to be abusive towards women.

There has been a $37,000 award for his arrest and conviction.  Please note that if you do see this individual, please approach with caution and notify authorities.  Kensington residents have already taken action by walking in pairs and employing the Guardian Angels.  The Guardian Angels haven’t done much for Philadelphia in the past, but their presence will at least somewhat deter this individual by numbers.