The Tea Party in 2010-2011: When the Masses Learn to Revolt in Its Own Project Mayhem

Ironically enough, I have finished reading this book again but this time in this decade when governments are failing to address the primary issues, such as the economy, unemployment and inflation from the United States to the European Union. And the issues discussed in this book is quite possibly more applicable now then when it was written. Even the movie of the same name has more application to current events than when it was made.

With the Republicans and even more importantly Tea Party members taking control of the legislative branch bit by bit, it will be time for Barack Obama’s presidency to end.  The masses have been tired for some time of the miscellaneous spending and bribery on Capitol Hill, and with unemployment at a post-Depression high, there are more discontent people on the picket line.

Obama forced his new healthcare bill through Congress and got it passed, despite some dissension from the general public.  Ultimately, the Tea Party developed as a grassroots movement to counter the neglect of Barack Obama and the Democratic legislative branch.  While the Democrats did create a stimulus bill in terms of rebuilding and building state infrastructure, this bill only created momentary employment and not permanent employment where the public wanted it to be.  Obama did boost his stats in the meantime with this bill as it did lower the unemployment rate, but it didn’t lower for too long.

With the development of the Tea Party, the masses have shown that they are capable of starting a revolution, albeit a political one.  The only downside of the Tea Party so far is that it became a national movement instead and is now relying on veteran politicians in Washington  to affirm its status.  The Tea Party has imprinted itself on history, but it will soon lose its identity in the face of current politics and the evolving nature of the movement.  It has lost its primacy. It has lost what it originally was. It has lost what it intended to be — a political Project Mayhem.  Small ripples of change in small pockets have not changed the political landscape yet.