The Weeping Angels of Doctor Who: The Lone Warrior Who Never Fights Alone

Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels are amongst the most interesting of enemies in my opinion.  They have lived since the beginning of time.  Upon sight of them, they will remain as stone and thus impenetrable.  According the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, they are the most efficient assassins. Their modus operandi operates on the target not watching them, as one blink will cause them to move closer to their target.  The most intriguing aspect of these enemies is that in Doctor Who, although they are the lone warrior, they rarely ever fight alone.  They trap their enemies in bunches of three or more. Upon touch by one of the Weeping Angels, the victim is transported into the past, and the victim’s life force that would be in the present and beyond would be consumed by the Angels ultimately.

In Blink, when they were introduced, the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones got trapped in 1969, with the TARDIS stranded in the present. Sally Sparrow would be warned of the impending Angels in this episode.  However, they trapped two of her friends in the past who would finally give portions of the Doctor’s message to Sparrow.  With the use of the Easter eggs on the 12 DVDs, she finally resolved the message and through the use of the TARDIS, trap four of the Weeping Angels in the police garage. And with the TARDIS returned to 1969, the Doctor and Martha Jones found a way to return to their time travels.  They made a surprise appearance outside of Sparrow’s shop, and she found out that both have yet to meet her.

In the current season, with the two-parter The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone involving the Eleventh Doctor (played by Matt Smith), River Song and Amy Pond, the Weeping Angels made their return.  This time they were drawn by the Doctor, his TARDIS and the cracks in time, as a source of potential energy.  These cracks of time had tremendous amounts of potential energy at the end of the universe for them to consume.  With that, they can have enough strength to conquer the universe.

But the Angels have an even harsher weapon: if one doesn’t blink when they get close yet escape their touch, they create an image in the mind of their target, an image an Angel where they can continue and finish their pursuit by consuming the potential energy of the target from the inside.  This time, the Doctor and his companions fought an army of Angels, instead of four.

These are the lone warriors who never fought alone.