Spartacus: Gods of the Arena Prequel Comes to Television

Although this falls into the historical fiction section more than science fiction, I am glad that the series Spartacus has returned to television on January 21, 2011. With most of the returning cast reappearing for this series, it should still have spectacular fight scenes, and sexual overtones and undertones that we’ve all come to enjoy from this series.

John Hannah will return as Batiatus, Lucy Lawless will return as Lucretia, Peter Mensah will return as Oenomaus, Manu Bennett as Crixus and lastly, Ant0nio Te Maioha as Barca. Andy Whitfield will make a cameo as Spartacus in this stand-alone series and prequel to Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Batiatus and Lucretia will be fighting his father for ownership of the ludus and ultimately gain control of the arena’s top gladiators. ¬†Hopefully, there will be more blood than shed previously and less drama, but given the series tone, sometimes episodes of drama is needed to temper it a bit.