Mob Media: Will Social Media Reach a Breaking Point?

With the inherent rise in social media and the internet, it would seem at some point social media will not only bend but break.  With Facebook and Twitter dominating the scene, after Myspace and other previous social media upstarts have dwindled, at some point, social media will reach its utmost capacity and cause more harm than good.

Flash mobs have developed with the use of these social media applications, and the rise of smartphones have only given them more tools to operate with.  It has allowed communication in otherwise media-censored countries and permitted the development of rebellions within these countries, sponsored by people who would not otherwise have known.  Most of what social media has done has been beneficial…

But seismic financial and political events are about to develop and could cause inherent chaos.  With social media, this could only feed the chaos.  With developed countries carrying debts into billions and trillions such as ours, we could be on the precipice of the Second American Revolution whereby the classes will collide on the national stage.  Never mind the French Revolution with their monarchs and the peasants.  It will be the American middle and lower classes against the enormous American political engine.  With social media in flux, it could lead to a potentially dangerous and volatile situation.  What could begin as a grassroots movement, fueled by radicals of the Tea Party, radicals of other independent political parties, and the use of social media, it could turn into anarchy potentially quickly.  With police services being cut nationally, as states and counties attempt to balance their budgets, and military services being cut and diverted, the police or the military might not be able to contain this insurgency from within their own borders.

At this moment, this may be the calm before the storm.  We may be simply in the eye as the winds begin swirling faster and faster around us.

2 thoughts on “Mob Media: Will Social Media Reach a Breaking Point?

  1. Are you thinking commom folks ( Facebook users ) using this social media to incite rebellion of some sort ?

    I can imagine that. t’s a wonder Hollywood hasn’t come up with a story plot using this medium as the evil culprit.


    • I don’t think “common folks” are presently using it to incite a rebellion…at least not yet. However, given the right circumstances, social media could spark and fuel a rebellion and quite possibly anarchy.


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