Series Finale of Smallville: The Last Son of Krypton Flies Into the Sunset

Tonight’s series finale of Smallville on the CW Network ended on a fantastic note with the ending of the last and final episode reminiscent of Superman, the original movie with Christopher Reeves.  The ending of the last episode of the series with the original Superman theme was great as well, capping a wonderful series with its erratic storytelling at times.

Michael Rosenbaum returned as Lex Luthor after a long drought without him.  Unlike earlier episodes, he returned this time as only the villain.  Additionally, he killed his sister Tess Mercer, removing competition into the future.  And recalling Superman/Batman: Public Enemies movie and earlier seasons, Lex Luthor attempts to become President of the United States and should succeed.  However, through some deus ex machina, he has forgotten his past history involving himself, his father and most importantly, Clark Kent.  He did, however, watched Superman save the world from Darkseid’s incoming meteor.

Although both episodes had inconsistent storytelling with convenient interlaced deus ex machina, the moment that Clark Kent became Superman, with blessing of his Kryptonian father Jor-El and his adopted father, the late Jonathan Kent, was the most incredible moment in the series.  The flashbacks from Clark Kent and Lex Luthor in the last episode that showed intermittent scenes throughout the entire series was a great nod to the fans of the series who have been through the krypto-freaks in high school, the Justice League saga, the Braniac saga, the Doomsday saga, the Bizarro saga, the Phantom Zone saga, the Major Zod saga, and the final Slade/Darkseid saga.

Thank you all for a wonderful series!

Where to Next?

The CW Network could continually capitalizing on this series with spinoffs.  It can’t be any worse than one of their earlier disaster of a series, Birds of Prey.  Continuing this series, it would be easiest to continue Green Arrow’s exploits.  However, for the long-term, it would be best to reboot with a Justice League spin-off with Green Arrow, Aquaman, Cyborg, Black Canary and Supergirl.  I would love if Michael Rosenbaum return as Lex Luthor in such a spin-off, but he had contention with the producers in the last remaining seasons or so.

Until another superhero television series appears again, Friday primetime television lost a significant addition in its lineup and unfortunately, so did the CW Network. And, by another superhero television series, I don’t mean another The Cape

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