Spartacus: Gods of the Arena: Paterfamilias Review

This episode’s theme to me seemed to be establishing oneself against the odds — Batiatus against his father and Ashur, his Syrian brother and Crixus against the Brotherhood of the ludus.  There wasn’t much sword fighting per se, but it did establish some drama in this episode.

As Batiatus’ father, Titus, arrived from Sicilia, Italy, Titus thought to regain his status as Dominus of the House.  But things that Batiatus originally maneuvered in the previous espisode, Missio, fell apart as Titus sought counsel with Tullius and Vettius in the market of Capua.  Titus returned the primus (the main title card) of Varrus’ arena to Tullius as an apology on behalf of the House of Batiatus for his son’s sly maneuvering.  Varrus also returned from Rome to the House of Batiatus with a friend Vesuthius.  This friend partook in essentially a rape of a virgin slave alongside one of the lowly gladiators.  It was political catering, more or less, on part of Lucretia and Gaia on behalf of their House since Batiatus has already given away their primus for the arena.

On the gladiator’s side of things, Oenomaus, now Doctore, attempted to establish himself under the new title with the gladiators, but Gannicus, Barca or any of the other gladiators of the Brotherhood particularly granted him any sort of respect.  Only through Titus’ commands upon the gladiators would any of them follow Oenomaus.

The crucial event happened when Crixus, who was considered a product of Batiatus, was scheduled to fight Octus, the product of Titus.  It was essentially a demonstration of which training method was more effective, Titus or Batiatus.  Crixus ultimately won against Octus but at a cost.  Barca’s homosexual partner in the ludus was Octus, and now he was slain.  It could set some bad blood between the two later on.  However, Crixus was soon branded into the Brotherhood.  Now only Gannicus stands between him and becoming Champion of Capua.