Spartacus: Gods of the Arena: Beneath the Mask Review

This is an episode basically about the political maneuvering of the House of the Batiatus against others — including Tullius and other people of influence.  Although there was some fighting in the ring between Ashur, his Syrian brother and others, the focus of this episode was the younger and elder Batiatus in their discussion of political strategy to gain primus in the new arena in Capua.  Something of note, the arena in Capua is nearly built.  It appears that the builders need to finalize the entrance.

Lucretia and Gaia held another orgy for the Roman consulates, including Tullius.  However, tragedy befell the House of Batiatus while Batiatus and Titus were stationed in Neopolis discussing business matters.  Titus unfortunately returned to his House shortly after the orgy, and more importantly and sadly, Lucretia no longer has her confidant, Gaia, beside her due to Tullius. Gannicus may not have the favor of Titus anymore, but he still does have the favor of Melitta, the wife of Oenomaus and the Doctore of the ludus.  From the way this story has been leaning so far, it appears that Oenomaus may be the one to either kill or banish Gannicus.  However, the deceit of Melitta will have to be dealt within the final two episodes.

Some things have been revealed in this episode, or what is beneath the mask.  First, Ashur’s treachery has already come to fruition against his Syrian brother, and this treachery revealed itself in the first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  Next, Titus may be more conniving than his son.  His intentions are harder to decipher than Batiatus, and although he says he is here to benefit his son, he may just as easily sell out his son to Tullius and his allies.  Lastly, Lucretia has declared that she wants to murder Tullius for his misdeed against the House of Batiatus.  This act obviously will have splash effects that may have repercussions in this season and quite possibly the second season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Overall, a decent episode in my opinion, but it’s similar to the first season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. All this dramatic buildup is leading to perhaps another gruesome finale.