Jack Ketchum’s and Lucky McKee’s Movie The Woman Released in May

This movie was presented in the 2011 Sundance Festival to some degree of critical acclaim.  From Sundance previews in early February, some of the general public found the film offensive and repulsive for its gruesome and abusive displays. The movie stars Carlie Baker as Genevieve Raton, the Woman of the both the novel and the movie.  She is animalistic but very beautiful, and a country lawyer of the name of Chris Cleek, played by Sean Bridgers, and his family attempt to civilize this volatile Woman in their cellar.  In some ways, this movie and novel resembles Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door, but this time, the victim is more than capable of striking back.  This movie is co-written and directed by Lucky McKee.

The paperback novel of The Woman is scheduled to be released on May 2, 2011, and the movie is scheduled to coincide with the paperback release.  Those with Amazon‘s Kindle e-book reader, however, already has access to this novel, and it is definitely much more different than The Girl Next Door.  The novel is told in the view of both the Woman and the members of the Cleek family.  I am nearly halfway through the novel, and it has been a solid read.