Top 8 Things in Life I Learned From Super 8

After watching the summer movie Super 8, I learned some things in life that will be particularly useful.

  1. I can survive a train wreck.  Well, literally…even with the entire train derailing all around me.  It happens in a lot of movies, but if I can survive this one, I can survive any train wreck.
  2. My 8mm camera can survive a train wreck too.  Although it remains busted somewhat, the film remains intact despite pieces of metal flying everywhere somehow missing the camera.  It might not be in high-definition, but the film can survive the flaming debris.
  3. I can survive a military incursion into my town, even with malfunctioning tanks blasting houses.  This is related to the first and second one, but this takes a bit more guts to survive.
  4. Don’t deny the pyro, otherwise known as the special effects guy. He can help in many ways.  He’s like Data in The Goonies.
  5. Avoid metallic objects, particularly strange metallic cubes.  They can become parts of a giant alien spacecraft.
  6. Don’t trust the military. Ever.  They often have secondary motives in keeping aliens in tow.  But we already learned this in movies such as E.T. 
  7. I can drive hot cars.  Those old Chevys and Fords make great American hot rods. Elle Fanning is a plus.
  8. On the topic of Elle Fanning, she is one strong young woman.  She is an invaluable asset during an alien attack.

These are the 8 things in life that I learned from Super 8.

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