Doctor Who Season 6 Predictions: Doctor River Song and the End-Game

Unlike Jack Harkness of Torchwood, who is a time (travel) agent, Doctor Who‘s companion River Song has a sordid past in the current Doctor Who television series.  Not only has she seen the future incarnation of Doctor Who in the future, she has seen and grown with the Doctor as a child.  Astonishingly,  as the Doctor is moves forward in his adventures, Doctor River Song is moving in reverse when they interact.  She has experienced the Doctor’s future long before the present Doctor has (the 900+ year old one in this sixth season).  And in the most recent episode, Episode 7, A Good Man Goes to War, Doctor River Song has been revealed to be Amy and Rory’s daughter, formerly named Melody Pond.  Also, it was implied that both the Doctor and River Song had a close relationship, quite possibly married.  Additionally, Doctor River Song was also found to be part-Time Lord, part-human like Doctor-Donna in Season 4, in this episode and previous episode. As a young child, she was found to be capable of regeneration in Season 6, Episode 2 Day of the Moon.  In her spoiler to the Doctor, it was strange how happily he responded and somehow ignored the death of his friends by the Headless Monks.  It was eerie how rapid this personality change was — and perhaps quite disturbing in many ways.

With her character revealed, again, the Doctor might not be last Time Lord yet once again, and she serves as the Anti-Doctor, as explained by Kovarian, otherwise known as the Eye-Patch Lady in many circles.  Much like the Doctor is feared across the Universe for his ability to destroy, Doctor River Song serves to prevent his destruction.  And ultimately, River Song did fulfill her destiny when she killed the Doctor in the first episode of this season The Impossible Astronaut.

This season’s theme have been mirroring of previous seasons — the Doctor’s destructive ability and the cost of time-travel on his companions and friends.  Ultimately, she will accompany the Doctor on his quest when the diary dictates that she does so.  I believe that they will face the Eye-Patch Lady once again, but I heartily believe the ultimate enemy for this season will be Omega, the great cosmic engineer of Gallifrey.  With the Doctor fundamentally changing the timeline in Season 5, Episode 13 The Big Bang, it would be reasonable and logical that the Doctor will ultimately face Omega by the end of this season.  Perhaps River Song will be convinced to side with Omega eventually and turn the tables on the Doctor.  For now, Doctor River Song does not have a TARDIS of her own yet, and who better than Omega to provide her with the machinery necessary for time travel in future seasons.  Lastly, with the Master (John Simm from The End of Time) still in the void, it would be quite interesting if he joined this Doctor in battling Omega.

Majority of this is speculation, and with the season on hiatus, there will be more speculations as future episodes draw near.  Let’s Kill Hitler is scheduled to be the next episode.  Whether this will be palatable satire, even for fans of Doctor Who, resemble to be seen.  The topic in of itself is not in character with the Doctor.  In previous seasons, the Doctor regretted being a machine of war, but in this season, he seems to have forgotten or respect that quality. Overall, this season has been fairly good in my opinion, but it’s lacked the charm of previous season, even Season 5.  Although the characters themselves are more intriguing and mature than past seasons, most of the episodes themselves lacked heart, and the Doctor himself has become quite apathetic towards his friends, even at the sight of their deaths and blatantly lying to them with complete disregard. Perhaps the episodes — and the Doctor — will improve as the rest of the season unfolds.