The Warrior’s Way Movie Review

With over-saturated film becoming the standard in action films since the popularity of 300, The Warrior’s Way is no different.  However, the entire film isn’t saturated, just some parts of the film.  It is a combination of a spaghetti western crossed with martial arts movie, with similarities to Kill Bill 2.  However, despite its artistic sheen and artistic violence, the movie got lost in its own lore.


Jang Dong-run stars as Yang, the greatest warrior of the land.  The Saddest Flute is played by Lung Ti.  These two are the major players of the Sad Flutes clan.

In the Western town of Lode, Geoffrey Rush stars as Ron, the town drunk and master sniper.  Kate Bosworth stars as Lynn, Yang’s love interest in this movie.  Danny Huston stars as the Colonel, the major threat to the town of Lode.  Tony Cox stars as Eight-Ball, essentially the mayor and the ringmaster of the dismantled circus townsfolk.


In 19th century Asia, Yang seeks out to become the greatest warrior of the land and ultimately defeats the Saddest Flute as comrades fall on each sides of this battle.  However, he sees a baby girl of the opposite clan.  Instead of killing her, Yang decides to rescue her.  However, as a result, he is pursued by the Sad Flutes and the supposedly fallen Saddest Flute.

Yang finds a boat and heads west toward the town of Lode where he sought to find a friend, Smiley.  However, Smiley died a three years ago, and through some convincing by Lynne, he takes over the laundry shop with her assistance.  He meets Eight-Ball, Ron and the rest of the circus townsfolk.  Eventually, Yang discovers that the Colonel brought despair onto the town years ago and still brings trouble to the town of Lode to date.  Eventually, repercussions bring about even more repercussions, and the whole town explodes as a lengthy battle begins.


Although this movie has elements of Kill Bill 2 and other martial arts movies, combined with the over-saturated film, the story itself failed to draw me in.  The characters were too campy for their own good.  The only salvageable parts were the action sequences somewhat, particularly when he fought the clan of the Sad Flutes.

Verdict (Out of 1o)

This movie gets a 6 out of 10 for me.  Although it was an artistic movie overall, without a compelling story and moving characters, the audience has very little vested in the movie, including myself.