Quarantine 2: Terminal Movie Review

With the recent release of [REC] 2 on DVD and Blu-ray, it would come to pass that Quarantine 2: Terminal would come, sooner rather than later.  This sequel to the original Quarantine started out fairly decently but once the zombies came, the movie unraveled and fell apart.


This cast was not particularly notable, but here’s the rundown on the main characters.  Mercedes Masohn stars as Jenny, one of the airline stewardesses.  Bre Blair plays the other stewardess, Paula.  Josh Cooke stars as Henry, Jenny’s potential love interest.  Ignacio Serrichio stars as Ed, the baggage handler at Las Vegas Airport.  Noree Victoria stars as Shilah, the Army medic. Mattie Liptak stars as George, the teenager on his solo flight.  George Back plays Ralph, the heavyset golf player. Captain Forrest is played by John Curran.  His co-pilot Wilson is played Andrew Benator.  The rest of the cast, for the most part, are secondary characters.


Paula and Jenny are on their way to LAX for their flight to Nashville.  They escort young George onto the plane.  As the film shows each of the passengers, Henry is the most notable, carrying hamsters on board the plane.  One of these hamsters bite Ralph, and then that’s when the trouble begins.  Ralph becomes infected and enraged that the airplane is forced to land at Las Vegas Airport.  As slowly each passenger member becomes infected, Ed and the remaining survivors fight back against the zombie onslaught.  Eventually, the survivors dwindle down from three to two and then one.


As much as the front of the case indicated it was “first class terror,” this movie was anything but.  Most of these frights have already been done before and much better, like the remake of  Dawn of the Dead.   Additionally, there was really no empathy for the passengers, other than George and perhaps Jenny.  With these claustrophobic environments, it could have been done much better in my honest opinion.  The final sequence though had remarkable similarities to [REC] though as it was filmed with night-vision goggles, and it bore some creepiness to it.

Verdict (Out of 10)

Overall, it was a 5 out of 10.  This horror movie actually made me yawn halfway through as I had no pressing empathy for most of the passengers.  It was unlike Dawn of the Dead where each of the characters were fleshed out.  If you intend on watching a recent zombie movie, I would recommend [REC] 2 over this movie.  At least with [REC] 2, they built empathy for some of the characters.