Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Movie Review

What happens when you combine Texas Chainsaw Massacre with comedic elements?  Well, you get this movie.  This movie did a good job of combining horror and comedy together.  This horror-comedy film exceeded Scary Movie, but it isn’t saying much.


The two main characters, Tucker and Dale, are played by Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk.  The Sheriff is played by Phillip Granger.  There are several college students, but I will list the primary ones in this movie. Katrina Bowen stars as Allison, the eye-candy and one of the main protagonists in the film.  The villain Chad is played by Jesse Moss. The other college student cast members were secondary to the movie, and they were of little concern other than horror fodder.


Tucker and Dale, two hillbillies, retreat to their dilapidated “vacation” cabin in the woods to repair it.  However, a group of young college students decide to stay near their cabin.  Chad tells the story of the Memorial Day Massacre which took place twenty years ago in the same location as a ghost story. The Memorial Day Massacre involved a pair of hillbillies who massacred a family.  Through a lot of misunderstandings, Tucker and Dale are perceived as those hillbillies or their descendants.  They frighten the college students unintentionally, and Tucker and Dale’s vacation spirals out of control.


This movie had some good horror and comedy elements to it.  Similar to Undead, it didn’t try to force the horror or comedic elements.    However, the movie’s humor was what ultimately fell flat halfway through the movie.  With the constant repetition of the same humor throughout the first half of the movie, I was over-saturated with it by the second half.  The main characters, Dale, Tucker and Allison, played their parts quite well, and they seemed to have fun.  However, the villain Chad fell short and was too exaggerated.

Verdict (Out of 10)

Overall, it was a 7.5 out of 10 for me.  The movie was slightly above average at best.

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