My Top 10 Alien Apocalypse Movies

With the coming apocalypse of 2012 to a neighborhood near you, I guess it is time to be prepared.  Prepare for the best, expect the worst.  But if it’s coming from outer space with advanced technology, it’s usually not friendly, according to the movies.  Here are some guides in order for humanity to prepare for interstellar war and survival.

Independence Day

This movie may be the best to prepare us for interstellar war.  With the likes of Will Smith, Brent Spiner and Bill Pullman to help humanity, anything is possible.  With Pullman’s “Independence Day” speech, it is one for President Barack Obama to inspire from, should aliens invade Earth.

Starship Troopers

With the inspiration of the military, our boots on the ground, the Roughnecks, can battle giant, ugly insects on Earth as well as on other planets.  However, these insects are capable of evolving and have many pawns to throw at us.


Nothing like Ellen Ripley to save a bunch of marines and to save our hides, if need be.  With her smarts, resourcefulness and sheer willpower, if she doesn’t inspire, I don’t know who will.


The Predator is the ultimate killing machine.  Facing one is dangerous enough as Major Dutch Shaeffer found out as the Predator slaughtered his fellow soldiers.  Arnold Schwartzenegger can help us again…maybe.

Men in Black

Nothing like Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith (yet again) to save us from the hidden alien threat.  Will Smith has the veteran chops to battle aliens everywhere and anywhere.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

With no one to turn to, the Green Lanterns will be always to help.  Despite some having an alien heritage, their rings and their brains will ultimately save us from alien threats.

The Thing

John Carpenter’s masterpiece shows us that some aliens will choose to mimic those that the species that they want to take over.  With scientists fighting for the Earth’s survival and without any equipment to warn of the incoming danger, it looks very bleak indeed. A prequel will be coming soon that might help us survive this onslaught.


With aliens able to mimic human beings and animals, they certainly should have the ability to mimic automobiles, helicopters, jets and other forms of human transportation.  Should something like Megatron find its way to Earth, at least we have Sam Witwicky and the Autobots to protect us.


A party. A giant monster.  A shaky-cam.  Something doesn’t belong here.  Oh that’s right, the giant freaking monster attacking the city!  This is the survival guide that you shouldn’t follow.


With giant aliens taking over much of Mexico, it is a matter of time before they reach the United States.  This guide will help you at least survive through Mexican territory, but it is a meager survival at best.

Well, this is the end of the guided tour of guides to surviving the alien apocalypse.  These guides are helpful somewhat from determining normal aliens to aliens that can mimic.  Both are dangerous in their own right.  I wish you the best of luck…

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