YellowBrickRoad Movie Review

YellowBrickRoad was essentially The Blair Witch Project revisited minus the shaky-cam.  While it had some good ideas going forward, the execution of it was dismal at worst and mediocre at best.


Cassidy Freeman, the most recognizable star, stars as Erin Luger.  Teddy Barnes, the leader of the expedition group, is played by Michael Laurino.  Melissa Barnes is played by Anessa Ramsey.  Clark Freeman stars as Daryl Luger.  Liv McCann is played by Laura Heisler.  Walter Myrick, the group psychologist, is played Alex Draper.  Tara Giordano stars as Jill.  Cy Banbridge is played by Sam Elmore.  The Clerk/Usher of the movie theater is played by Lee Wilkof.


In 1940, in Friar, New Hampshire, the entire population of 572 people walked together up a winding hillside path and disappear except one.  With the recording of the one person available, it gives incentive for an excursion group to explore the “YellowBrickRoad.”  However, upon taking the winding path through the hillside, events don’t go as planned.


This movie was severely lacking in the cast, the plot and the entire film in general.  Overall, for those seeking anything resembling horror, look elsewhere as nothing is particularly salvageable in this film.  With Cassidy Freeman killed early in the film, the rest of the cast lacked the talent or the charisma to carry the movie.  The rest of the film essentially became fodder — and boring fodder at that.

Verdict (Out of 10)

YellowBrickRoad deserves a 1 out of 10.  Cassidy Freeman salvaged this film, but without her, the film spiraled downward quickly.

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