Far Cry 3 Survival Tips: Fringe Fiction’s Guide to Rook Island

Vaas and the Pirates of Far Cry 3

Rook Island of Far Cry 3 is not an easy place to survive.  There are dangers that lurk everywhere from pirates to rabid dogs to the occasional crocodile.

In light of these dangers, here are some tips to help you survive:

  • I suggest working on the Shark skill tree, either way you decide to approach the game, like Rambo or Sam Fisher
  • I suggest concentrating on takedowns of the Spider skill tree.  You will need them later on, if not initially.
  • When you have money, upgrade your preferred guns.
  • When you have the animal skins, upgrade your pouches.  You will need them although the rare animal skins may be a bit much (unless you have never, ever played a first-person shooter before).
  • When liberating camps, it is best to go in undetected since it produces the most experience points, particularly when you arrive and explore the first island.
  • Know your map when you’re liberating posts and work in one general direction.  It will be beneficial to you on a few storyline missions.
  • Bear in mind there is a SECOND island where you will obtain more weapons, gear and skills.  I suggest you preparing for the transition.
  • When doing the missions that involve the storyline of the game, I suggest you either craft medicine or purchase medicine beforehand. Additionally, purchase armor if you can. If you have the Endorphin or Unstoppable syringes available, I suggest you use them beforehand.
  • Take time to explore the island for relics, plants, animals and loot chests and accomplish some of the other missions, like Wanted Dead, Supply Drop and Path of the Hunter.  They will serve benefits later on and compound on each other.
  • The VERY last storyline mission can get frustrating.  Just bite your tongue and you’ll pull through. 

With these tips in hand, you should be able to survive Rook Island — most of the time.  Enjoy this fantastic game!