Borderlands 2 Gunzerker Strategies (Fringe Edition)

Salvador the Gunzerker in Borderlands 2

Compared to the other classes in Borderlands 2, the Gunzerker class requires definitely the most cajones of all of them. Salvador the Gunzerker requires the player to often to remain the target and plow through enemies like a tank.  Unlike the Mechromancer or the Commando, he is his own best support.  He has no Deathtrap or turrets to rely upon.

Here are some basic tips from Fringe Fiction to help you out in your journey across Pandora:

  • When fighting alone, I highly suggest that you build the Brawn skill tree to the maximum.  It will help you greatly.  
  • For the Gunzerker, I would recommend a Tenacity relic as your relic.  It will help you immensely when you get downed — which will be often.
  • As much as firepower may be the logical implementation of the Gunzerker, I find that elemental weapons are great, particularly once you reach the Wildlife Preservation.
  • When working with teammates, the Rampage and the Gunlust skill trees work wonders as you will essentially serve as a tank, eliminating enemies in your path wholesale while your teammates provide  support.  The Siren may become your new best friend.
  • Absorb, Spike and Nova shields all work well with the Gunzerker depending on how aggressive you want to be.
  • Slag weapons only help the Gunzerker’s damage.  If your teammates have them, it will only work for the better.
  • ALWAYS stock full of ammo before boss fights, if possible.  Otherwise, drop a couple of skill points or more in Inconceivable and Filled to the Brim skill tiers in the Rampage tree.

With these tips, the Gunzerker will be nearly unstoppable…that is, until you reach True Vault Hunter mode….