The Following: Season 1: Episode 10: Guilt Review

Ryan Hardy and Claire Matthews together in The Following

With the tenth episode of The Following, this time the focus is on Ryan Hardy and his background.  With Charlie failing to capture Claire Matthews, Joe Carroll puts the task of subduing Claire Matthews on Roderick, his right-hand man.  However, Roderick has to go through several FBI agents protecting her at a hotel.  We learn about Ryan Hardy’s history as Claire Matthews is then transported to his friend Tyson’s old house.   Tyson and Ryan both went to Quantico to train together as FBI agents, but there’s a little twist from Joe Carroll in a female acquaintance by the name of Molly.  Meanwhile, on the FBI homefront, FBI Special Agent Debra Parker explores the inner workings of one of Joe Carroll’s internet fan sites.  At the boarding house, Jacob Wells is dealing with an inner demon, but it has lashed out in unexpected ways.

Overall, it’s a relatively tepid and predictable episode.  Joe Carroll wants to reunite his “family” together, but nothing is as simple as Carroll perceives it to be.  Whips & Regret, the next episode, may turn out to be a book burner of an episode.


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