The Following: Season 1: Episode 13: Havenport Review

What’s been building up to this point came into fruition in this episode of The Following.  Joe Carroll’s followers are unraveling much like he is — and egos are coming into play.  With Roderick compromised by Agent Mike Weston, Roderick resorts to the unexpected — the kidnapping of Joey Matthews, Joe Carroll’s and Claire Matthews’ son.  This places Roderick between a rock and a hard place as both the FBI and Joe Carroll’s followers pursue him.  With Jacob Wells unhinged already, he pursues Roderick with Joe Carroll’s blessing.  All goes as planned for Jacob Wells minus a few casualties of the war between him and Ryan Hardy (via Joe Carroll).  Agent Mike Weston demonstrates his toughness, and Ryan Hardy finds solace.  However, Joe Carroll has become unhinged as his followers are beginning to dissent.  Not a pretty picture over the next couple of episodes to conclude this first season of The Following.

This episode is the start of the beginning of the end.  How far Joe Carroll is willing to go to see things through will be something to watch.  How far Ryan Hardy and Claire Matthews will go to rebuild their lives even for a few moments will be more interesting to watch.

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