The Following: Season 1: Episode 12: The Curse Review

Emma Hill and Claire Matthews Settle Their Differences in The Following

This episode of The Following seemed like such a teaser.  With Jacob Wells going off the deep end, with Joe Carroll‘s permission, Jacob goes on the hunt for Ryan Hardy.  Ryan Hardy discovers Carroll’s armory and head of his militia, David Monroe. Obviously, Ryan Hardy is drawing close to Joe Carroll and his boarding house.  With the impending standoff looming, Joe Carroll is driving up his intensity as well as calling the assistance of Roderick.  Emma Hill and Claire Matthews settle their differences in their own special way. Most particular in this episode is Ryan Hardy’s background when he was a child.  He had the potential to become a serial killer, but something — or quite possibly someone — took him off the rail.

With few episodes left, this season of The Following by Kevin Williamson has demonstrated tremendous amounts of potential.   This episode was a bit lackluster but led to a few surprises as Jacob Wells went on a rampage of his own after dealing with his demon his own special way.

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