Bioshock: Infinite: Fringe Fiction’s Theories and Predictions [SPOILERS]

Rosalind and Robert Lutece in Bioshock: Infinite

With completion of the game and quite thorough exploration of Columbia and its multiple versions of it, Fringe Fiction would like to give its two-cents on what did happen and what really happened during the tour of Columbia with Booker DeWitt, Father Comstock and Elizabeth — and the Lutece twins.


Columbia is more or less an alternate version of Rapture.  Instead of Big Daddies, Handymen took over their role, and they now have assistance from the Motorized Patriots.

Booker DeWitt/Father Zachary Hale Comstock

Booker DeWitt is Father Zachary Hale Comstock, but it depends on which reality of Columbia.  He is both — depending on which side of the coin.  They are different and equivalent much like Robert and Rosalind Lutece.  Booker DeWitt’s memories and perceptions change as the world of Columbia changes.  It can be argued that he was already “dead” when he initially entered Columbia as he has the Possession vigor much like Lady Comstock had her version of Possession later on. In terms of the overall story of Bioshock: Infinite, Booker DeWitt was officially dead in the third version of Rapture when the Vox Populi took over the Founders.  It can also be debated that he is a Big Daddy essentially — whether he pre-dates Subject Delta or becomes Subject Delta in Rapture.


Elizabeth is a Little Sister (or its equivalent) in Columbia.  When Booker DeWitt dies, you’ll find that she injects you with a needle much like the Little Sisters did to the Big Daddies.  More importantly though, as she was addressed as the Lamb, she may become the future Eleanor Lamb in Rapture.  She can exist in that world as Eleanor Lamb, one of the future Little Sisters. To support this theory, Elizabeth remembers the artificial beach.  In the good ending of Bioshock 2, Eleanor Lamb arrives on a beach as well.  In that respect, they are both mirrors of one another.  Lastly, Booker DeWitt’s daughter, Anna, becomes Elizabeth in Columbia.


Songbird is Big Daddy 2.0 in Columbia and Rapture.  The Songbird is consistent in all realities of Columbia, Rapture or otherwise.

Daisy Fitzroy and the Vox Populi

She remains the consistent piece in all versions of Columbia as the potent anarchist.  Depending on the reality, it changes her station in life, but her goals remain the same for Vox Populi.

The Ending

The ending is a bit of mind-twister.  In a vein similar to  12 Monkeys, the future Elizabeth took the present’s Booker DeWitt’s marker to show him the effect of his actions upon the world as both Booker and Comstock.  The perplexing problem comes from the fact his future alternate self as Father Comstock is his own worst enemy as Booker DeWitt.  I remain skeptical as to whether Booker DeWitt did indeed die in the ending as he had died many times before and survived.

The Future

Overall, Bioshock: Infinite excels past both Bioshocks as Columbia is a living city.  On the downside, the city changes, but it is forced change.  The three DLCs coming up should be a treat.  And the elimination of competitive multi-player is an appreciative change. Fringe Fiction is hoping for more involvement of the Lutece twins in the future DLCs — and perhaps a more thorough explanation of their backstories.