The Following: Season 1: Episode 11: Whips and Regret Review

Vince and Roderick in The Following

With the eleventh episode of The Following underway, we are introduced to another member, Vince, who is a right-wing militia fanatic.  Special Agent Debra Parker traces the server for one of the Joe Carroll‘s fan sites to a server in New York that happens to be stationed in a BDSM (bondage-domination sadomasochism) place.  Vince is one of those that enjoy whips, among other things, by her girlfriend who is the owner of the place. After an unsuccessful raid by both Debra Parker and Ryan Hardy, Vince’s girlfriend tells them of a Caroll‘s cult “training” camp nearby, and the FBI place a wire on her as she and Vince meet.  The camp is discovered, but casualties on both sides ensue as Vince escapes as the FBI comes bearing down.  The backstory of Molly is further explored as she is a mercy killer at a local hospital with evil intent.  In fact, she wants to one-up Joe Carroll.  Finally, Roderick is put in his place — with blood.

This is one of the most intriguing and un-family-friendly episodes there is.  Although BDSM places have quite the following in Europe, being broadcasted as one in the United States may not be everyone’s tastes.  The training the Carroll’s cult members undergo is a bit disturbing and excessive as the members have already volunteered to join Joe Carroll’s cult.  It is a bit ritualistic, I suppose, as in hazing of the new members perhaps.  It teaches them submission and endurance to survive torture — or worse. Kevin Williamson upped the ante in this episode, and it was one of the better episodes this season by far.


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