Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer: Fringe Fiction’s Impressions

With the release of the current trailer, Fringe Fiction has a broad palette of likes and dislikes of the trailer.

This is what Fringe Fiction didn’t like too much about the trailer.

  • When Batman first brings down the officer, his voice turns into a growl of sorts.  Well, this is obviously not Kevin Conroy’s best Batman voice.
  • Next, comes the new Batmobile tank/SUV with its convenient two-seater backseat.  Fringe Fiction found it kind of hilarious having the backseat.
  • Then, the gangs seem to like standing in their particular areas again.  Will they be mobile this time around?
  • Lastly, comes the side-to-side driving of the Batmobile.  It looks neat but also a bit awkward and off.

And, this is what Fringe Fiction did like about the trailer.

  • Graphics is much improved.  Whether the sheen will be appreciated remains to be seen.
  • Batman’s fighting remains much the same so it should be easy to adapt once the game comes out.
  • Gotham seems more alive than previous.
  • Hey, Gotham has a Chinatown!
  • Batmobile’s missile barrage is particularly awesome.
  • Poison Ivy is not short on looks.  Fringe Fiction thinks we can all agree on that.
  • John Noble is a particularly scary Scarecrow.

With Batman: Arkham Knight scheduled to be released on June 23, 2015, this game looks to be a fine finale to the video game series. Rocksteady seems to have heard the complaints over the last two and addressed them even briefly viewing the trailer.

What do you think?