A Company Man (2013) Movie Review

A Korean action movie starring a hit man, Hyeong-Do, who works for the Company and by befriending a hit’s family, things go from bad to worse. In the movie’s own way, it is a statement on most corporate companies without explicitly saying so.  This Company has a much different way of downsizing with a severance package of its own.


The movie is directed by Sang-yoon Lim, his first film.  So Ji-sub is the main actor.  He’s not popular in the United States, but he’s a Korean model and made some hip-hop EPs.  He’s also known in Korea for the film Rough Cut (2008).  Keung-young Lee plays the Department Head.  He wrote and directed films The Gate of Destiny (1996) and The Beauty and Dream (2002).  Most of the other Korean actors and actresses have starred in films and television series.


Hyeong-Do is an assassin that works for the Company.  When he is tasked for completing a job, one of his assignments is the elimination of a Company worker/assassin.  Feeling the guilt of killing of one of his fellow co-workers, he befriends the family and the mother.  When the Company betrays him, he battles back and ultimately resigns.


The hallmark of this film ultimately has to be the fight sequences.  Most of the fight sequences are choreographed extremely well.  The last fight sequence in the office has to be the best — on par with The Matrix lobby sequence.  What it lacks though is pacing as it is very slow to build up.  The acting is done relatively well if a bit tepid.  This is what brings down the film.  So Ji-sub becomes the equivalent of Jason Statham, high on action and not very much on actual acting.

Verdict (Out of 10)

Fringe Fiction gives this movie a 8.5 out of 10.  With its erratic pacing at times slowing down the movie, the movie in of itself doesn’t pick up until an hour or so into the movie.  It is a bit reminiscent of Leon the Professional in that aspect, but this movie deserves faster pacing.  The fight sequences are worth the watch, but the movie doesn’t truly explode unitl the end.

This movie is available on Netflix Instant.