Batman: Arkham Knight: The Three Endings Discussion (Spoilers)

Batman: Arkham Knight

After playing this game for a couple of weeks, Fringe Fiction has finally caught all three endings of the Batman: Arkham Knight video game.  After overcoming the three boss battles, including Deathstroke’s, there were some good and some bad elements to this conclusion of the Batman: Arkham video games. One of the good elements was the actual story — that is, until the big reveal of the Arkham Knight and the endings thereafter.

Well, let’s start off the first ending with the reveal of Jason Todd aka Red Hood as the reveal of Arkham Knight.  It could have been done better as Prometheus or even a super villain who took up Batman’s mantle much like Scarecrow in The Dark Knight.   That would have been a better reveal.  Onto the first ending with the Red Hood saving Batman and Batman injecting Scarecrow with his own fear toxin with Batman revealed as Bruce Wayne on television. Vicki Vale is one of those reporters as she awaits for Bruce Wayne/Batman at the Wayne Estate manor. If this was the finale, it would have been great.

The second “ending” concludes with Bruce Wayne/Batman blowing up the Wayne Estate mansion presumably with Bruce Wayne and Alfred still inside.  Ultimately, Fringe Fiction believes that Bruce Wayne/Batman faked his death and this dramatic ruse is to detract reporters from pursuing the Batman even further.

And the third “ending” with a new Batman presumably stops two would-be thieves in the back of a theater much like Bruce Wayne’s parents.  This new Batman is dark and mysterious and holds no bars.  There have been many different theories as to who this Batman is.  Maybe Bruce Wayne took the mantle again as Batman and revised himself.  Maybe it’s Azrael. Perhaps it’s Robin or Nightwing. It’s a toss-up, but again with the Knightfall Protocol, it’s presumably Azrael.

Batman: Arkham Knight was a good fitting conclusion to the video game series.  Some of the elements were less than satisfactory like the tank boss battles and the looser combat more like Arkham Asylum rather than Arkham City.  Others were better like the riddles which were much improved in my opinion — and ultimately confronting the Riddler finally as he was taunting Batman throughout the video game series yet never made an actual appearance.

The first ending should have been the REAL ending, but the other two were unnecessary and filler.

What do you think?