Borderlands 2 Commando Strategies (Fringe Edition)

Axton the Commando in Borderlands 2

For those familiar with Roland from the original Borderlands and those who play Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc., this should be one of the easiest classes to adapt to in Borderlands 2.  His skill trees are fairly straightforward and won’t require too much thought. Unlike Roland the Soldier’s turrets from the original Borderlands, Axton’s turrets unfortunately don’t regenerate health.  Overall, Axton the Commando is perhaps the least interesting out of all the classes but one of the most effective. The Commando’s role is versatile as he can provide both offense and support, and with a Gunzerker, the pair can be a nearly unstoppable offensive juggernaut.

Here are some tips from Fringe Fiction:

  • Building the Survival skill tree is one of the best overall for the Commando class, but it is best combined with elements of either the Guerrilla or Gunpowder skill trees.  If you intend on participating in arenas, the Survival skill tree will help tremendously. Two turrets provide twice the awesome. 
  • Gunpowder skill tree works well with bosses while the Guerrilla skill tree offers perhaps more versatility.
  • Be sure to use your saber turrets as support. Unlike Salvador the Gunzerker, the Commando lacks the firepower to handle things alone without them.
  • Absorb and adaptive shields can save the Commando’s life.
  • Transfusion, (homing or longbow) singularity and mirv grenades can save the Commando’s life.   Transfusion grenades provide health when regeneration through the Pointman class mod or the Survival skill tree just isn’t enough.  And homing or longbow  singularity and mirv grenades provide firepower — and time delay to deploy turrets, if necessary.
  • Like in Battlefield or Call of Duty, the Commando needs to use cover frequently but not as much as the Assassin.

These are some tips from Fringe Fiction and let the bandits of Pandora meet Axton’s  “lady friends”…

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