The Following: Season 1: Episode 7: Let Me Go Review

Joey Matthews in The Following

The seventh episode of The Following finally unchained Joe Carroll, and his plan has finally begun to set in motion.  With his attorney Olivia Warren’s assistance, Joe Carroll is transferred to another facility. However, Carroll’s plan of escape is about as intricate as his network of followers.  Olivia Warren — and the warden — are placed in comprising positions by Joe Carroll himself.  Carroll is introduced to David and Louise, two more of his followers, as Louise being the more systematic and dangerous of the two. Ultimately, Joe Carroll is brought to a boarding house comprised of his followers — and his son, Joey Matthews, with Emma Hill as well.  The person Roderick still remains a question.

This episode ramped up the intensity as more deaths are left in Joe Carroll’s wake.  Those not an integral part of his following are often the first to go.  The diversity and youth of his followers — or at least the immediate ones — that he encountered so far has shown that they are not only educated but knowledgeable, resourceful and dangerous.  These followers not only know how to use these resources but can easily access them.

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