Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Strategies (Fringe Edition)

Gaige the Mechromancer and Her Deathtrap

Out of all the classes in Borderlands 2, this is the most difficult and most enjoyable — as it forces you to think outside-the-box and love mathematics.  Gaige the Mechromancer is a passive-aggressive Vault Hunter where reliance on Deathtrap is utmost.  Unlike Axton the Commando’s turrets, while playing the Mechromancer, Deathtrap and the Vault Hunter are interdependent on each other. A LOT.

Here are Fringe Fiction’s tips for mechromancing in Pandora:

  • Slag weapons should be the weapon of choice.  It helps prime the enemies so Deathtrap can finish them off.  While you focus on the immediate threats, let Deathtrap focus on the other threats.
  • Deathtrap usually focuses on the enemy that you are shooting…then sometimes not. Be patient.
  • Tediore weapons eliminates some of issues of mathematics — as these guns are disposable and quick to reload.  
  • SMGs, snipers and pistols without extended cartridges work well with Gaige.   
  • Nova and spike shields are the shields of choice for Gaige and her Deathtrap.  Both help either weaken or eliminate enemies if they get close.
  • This class is primarily about stacking — whether stacking kills or ammo to boost either Deathtrap or Gaige depending on the skill tree. Think about it!
  • Deathtrap is great at clearing out numbers of enemies — but it is not efficient as Axton’s turrets. Follow and help out Deathtrap whenever possible.
  • Ordered Chaos skill tree is best done with friends — and patient ones.  Gaige is best as restrained offense while playing with others — and in general. Mechromancing is a duplicitous art. However, if you’re playing solo, combining Best Friends Forever and Little Big Trouble skills is best.
  • Focus on your shields first and then your health.  This is another golden rule to follow while mechromancing.

These are some tips that Fringe Fiction offers.  Now show the bandits of Pandora what a third-place science project can do…