The Following: Season 1: Episode 8: Welcome Home Review

With the eighth episode of The Following, FBI Agent Mike Weston, played by Shawn Ashmore, plays a central role.  With Roderick coming into play, he is not only one of the first students of Joe Carroll but also the sheriff and a recruitment leader for Joe Carroll.  Joe Carroll took the fall for two murders of two women for Roderick, and with that, Roderick is in Carroll’s debt and has repayed Carroll more than twice-over already.  And yet another of Carroll’s followers, David, commits suicide after he is captured but taunts Ryan Hardy before doing so.  Agent Mike Weston is captured by Carroll’s followers after being released from the FBI and is nearly killed by Charlie.  Ryan Hardy saves the day — and agent Mike Weston.  Unbeknownst to him, Charlie commits hari kari via Joe Carroll, and well, things get complicated for Roderick and Joe Carroll.  Very complicated.  Lastly, Jacob Wells and Paul Torres has not shown up on the doorsteps of the boarding house.

Overall, this episode had some great moments as we see Agent Mike Weston has a spine.  He may be young, but he’s far from weak.  Fox has picked up The Following for a second season, but Kevin Williamson definitely needs to push the envelope a bit more.  With these multiple plots and sub-plots, at some point, everything needs to come together.


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