The Following: Season 1: Episode 9: Love Hurts Review

Paul Torres in The Following

With the ninth episode of The Following, this episode finally ramped up as one of Joe Carroll‘s female followers creates her own chapter.  She decides to target Claire Matthews — but not as a single person but several who bear the same name.  This follower of Carroll’s decides to name the chapter “Love Hurts.”  She herself kills a couple of “Claire Matthews” and nearly kills a third as Ryan Hardy intervenes once again and saves the day.  The backstory of Jacob Wells and Paul Torres is also explored, and there’s more to Paul than meets the eye.  And apparently, Jacob too — as Paul attempts to recover from the fatal wounds earlier.  Jacob apparently never killed anyone until that night.  After all the chaos earlier, Jacob Wells finally comes to the boarding house with a surprised Emma Hill and an even more surprised Joe Carroll.

This episode was one of the better ones this first season, next to the pilot episode.  Overall, very enjoyable and very intense, even with the multiple backstories and subplots interweaving.  Perhaps Guilt, the next episode of The Following, will be even better.


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